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Computer Science

Computer science is the science of analysis and the processing of information in automated systems. It has its roots in mathematics and engineering. The computer science course at CIT, the technical university in Germany, therefore includes the fundamental elements from these fields. It also teaches commercial, legal and social competence in order to prepare students for managerial tasks in companies and projects, or to set the course for the route into entrepreneurship.

Career progression

Computer scientists are employed in industry and by software and system developers. They implement programs and systems for processing data, and programming machine tools and robots. One area of growing significance is that of simulation systems, which do away with resource intensive testing. A very important point is that of communication with customers who would like computer technology to solve their problems. Computer scientists often have to transform non-technical tasks into a functioning programming system that the customer can use successfully at a high level of productivity. Computer scientists are also employed as technical specialists and patient lawyers. Demand has been high for several years and will continue to grow in line with technological development.

Course structure

The course structure is detailed in the table which also provides information on the number of credit points and semester credit hours.